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6 of Our Favorite Hospitality Related Infographics

The popularity of Infographics is a surprisingly useful trend. Infographics transform lifeless raw data into compelling visuals. Here are six of our favorite hospitality related Info-graphics.

PhoneEtiquetteWorldWide_520d3f9b48e65Phone Etiquette World Wide  

This Infographic comes to us from visual.ly, which is a great source for high quality Infographics covering all kinds of topics. Though it doesn’t provide a ton of content in terms of quantity, this graphic hits an often overlooked, yet critical concept of global cell-phone etiquette.




Mobile Facts for Hotel Websites

Short and to the point, this visual from infographiclist.com gives a brief overview of the importance and effect of mobile hotel websites.





The Hotel Online Marketing Mix

Unfortunately this one isn’t up to the aesthetic standards that visual.ly usually provides. This graphic looks like a business class PowerPoint slide, but it still has quality content. It gives a simple and brief overview of various marketing strategies and tactics used in the online space for hospitality. As hospitality specialists, we have to appreciate that.






Hotels.com compiled their own data for this info-graphic, which is impressive enough on it’s own. This one offers a lot visually and is interesting in regards to how people responded to what amenities they liked.







The Naked Truth About Hotel Reviews

Mashable.com asks the important question “how important are hotel reviews”, and their visual does a great job of breaking down the answer.






2013 Hotel Wifi-Report

Perhaps the most practical graphic of the bunch, this report from hotelchatter.com not only lists what hotels provide free-wifi and which don’t but also describes the speed and quality of access at different hotels.







What’s your favorite Infographic? Give us some feedback in our comments below!