Ten most Popular Thanksgiving Destinations of 2013

Original source: http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2013/11/12/top-10-most-popular-thanksgiving-destinations/ 

According to data compiled from hotwire.com Fox news recently assembled a list of the 10 most popular Thanksgiving destinations for 2013. Here’s our take on this year’s hot turkey day travel spots.


Are you heading to any of these Turkey day destinations?


New York City

#1 on the list was no a surprise at all, Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade as well as the fantastic shopping outlets of the big apple make this a perfect place to be on Thanksgiving and black Friday.

Fox points out that Super storm sandy shut down 30% of lodging in the city last year, so hotels should expect to do much better this year.


 Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas coming in at #3 was unexpected. You don’t necessarily think of wholesome family get-together’s when you think of Vegas, but the city has been recently trying to rebrand itself in a  move towards more family friendly entertainment. Apparently that strategy has been successful enough to make Vegas a major Thanksgiving travel spot.


 London, England

#8 is also quite surprising, London. Since Thanksgiving is an American Holiday and often a very family centric one. But there’s not reason you can’t be thankful while enjoying an overseas get-away.


Unsurprisingly, Orlando and Miami did make the list, but it’s kind of surprising that other big warm weather hubs in the southeast like New Orleans or Houston didn’t make the list.

You can probably use this as a sign of what cities to avoid to stay away from crowds, or ideas of where to go next year. Either way, be sure to check out Fox’s full list.


And of course an Infographic

Continuing with the theme of thanksgiving travel, here’s a great infographic from Bus Bank

Some of the more interesting stats include a list of the most traveled roads on thanksgiving (#1 is the I-95 corridor).

Another fun fact is how far the average trips are. Most trips are between 50-99 miles, second most are 150-249, and the average trip distance is 214.


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