Hotel Logos Re-created by 6-Year-Olds!

This afternoon we had the pleasure of hosting two guests in our office. 6-year-old-twins Calvin and Olivia had the day off school so we gave them temporary roles in the graphic-design department and asked them for their best attempts at recreating some iconic hotel logos. Having a couple of kindergarteners draw logos that we deal with every day was a fun addition to our Friday!

It was interesting to watch the creative process of the kids.  In the world of professional design the process can often become over-thought and muddled down by restrictions, it might sound cheesy, but it’s refreshing to watch someone be creative in such a free-spirited way.

Calvin Cutting
As calvin works to trim one of his pictures you can see that his creative process is a bit messy!

Olivia created this rendition of the Sheraton logo.  The choice to cut out and paste the Sheraton S emblem was surprising, and leaving the word “Sheraton” off-center added personality!



Apparently Calvin thought the lettering for the Mandarin Oriental New York would be better placed above the fan logo.

MandarinOriental sidebyside

Here’s an attempt at the Broughton Hotels of Chicago: City Suites insignia. It’s impressive that Olivia was able to achieve that shape on her first try.


Once again Calvin liked the motif of keeping the name of the hotel above the image.


We aren’t sure if shrinking the letters “NTAL” in Intercontinental was an artistic decision or if Calvin just ran out of room on the page.

intercontinental sidebyside

Olivia decided to go with a much more minimalist aesthetic in her version of the Mission Point Resort logo.

missionpoint sidebysideThere was definitely some tracing used for these St. Regis Hallmarks but regardless of the method, the similarity to the original is impressive.

St. Regis sidebyside

It was a fun experiment to see how a couple of six-year-olds would fare in trying to copy logos!


Thanks for your help Calvin and Olivia! Maybe next time we’ll give you a shot at copy-writing!









Livvy Holding St. Regis











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