4 Hotel Amenities Done Right.



Amenities are something many hotel goers don’t usually think about, but they can make a big impact on their satisfaction. Though the first thing the word conjures up for people is likely complimentary shampoos or coffee in the room, amenities encompass much more than that.

One basic definition of an amenity is something that increases attractiveness, value, and convenience or comfort.  More specifically Amenities are features that are included in a guests stay but aren’t an additional cost.

Here are 4 Hotel amenities that are tough to forget.

1. Pet Goldfish (Hotel Triton)– Yep, the Hotel Triton offers you some companionship for your stay with a temporary pet goldfish. This unique amenity is sure to help the Triton stick in it’s guests memories. As an added benefit studies have shown that watching fish in an aquarium can have a relaxing effect on people!

2. Custom coloring books (Mandarin Oriental New York)– The Mandarin Oriental helps take a little bit of the stress out of traveling with children by providing custom coloring books to children at check in.

3. Free drink and meal (Various Hotels)– No such thing as a free lunch? We’ve come across several examples of hotels that provide guests with a free drink (beer or wine) as well as a meal during designated times.

4. A Butler (St. Regis)- A Butler probably isn’t exactly what people think of as an amenity, but come on! Having someone wait on you hand and foot is something that will go a long  way towards guest satisfaction. From drawing a bath, to packing your luggage having a personal butler is the epitome of a luxury experience.

What’s your favorite amenity? Leave us a comment below!

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