Strike a Boutique Hotel Deal with

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 10.48.30 AMThere are plenty of sites like Priceline, Expedia,, Luxury Link and Hotel Tonight to score the ultimate hotel deal. Well, we have a new (yet unique) hotel booking site for you to add to your list—

Just launched this month, is a new booking site for independent boutique hotels, eliminating hotel chain brands that you might see on other sites.

“The mission is simple,” Nikki Ekstein of Travel and Leisure wrote. “Help trendy boutique hotels move unsold inventory by putting rooms up for bidding.” With its unique Bid or Book It Now feature, you can search hotel rooms and (1) bid a lower price than what is listed or (2) book the room and get the best available rate. Not sure what to bid? According to Hotel Chatter, Stayful provides users “recommended bids,” which are rates that the site’s algorithm believes the hotel is most likely to accept. Guests will find out within 24 hours if the hotel has accepted or not.

“Should you want to suggest a bid to a hotel that’s not already on Stayful’s list, the site allows you to do so inviting the hotel of your choice to participate with them if they’re ready and willing,” Ekstein said. Hotel Chatter noted that you can only enter one bid per hotel every 24 hours.

According to Stayful, the boutique hotel industry loses $13.9 billion in revenue due to unsold hotel rooms. Co-founder and CEO of Stayful, Cheryl Rosen, said, “There are thousands of independent boutique hotels around the world and they’ve struggled to find new customers for their unsold inventory. On the other side, travelers often don’t realize that they aren’t getting the best prices through existing sites. With Stayful, they’ll choose their own unique hotel experience and choose exactly the price they want to pay.”

Looking to book your trendy, boutique getaway through Stayful? Currently, the site is only offering hotels in San Francisco and New York, so you may have to sit tight. And while the site is still in beta, Stayful is invite-only basis (for now).

We are a group of travelers who want to share our passion for independent, boutique hotels. Independent, boutique hotel experiences are unique; they can transform an ordinary trip into an amazing story of discovery. Imagine a place where you discover all the best independent, boutique hotels, get a great price and have fun doing it. –

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