Tommie: Commune and Thompson Hotels’ New Hotel Brand

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Last year, we blogged that Thompson Hotels merged with Joie de Vivre (JDV) hotels to form Commune Hotels & Resorts. After a long wait, Commune has unveiled the name of the “value-conscious” spin-off brand to Thompson Hotels—Tommie.

The first brand from the merged companies, Tommie has been described as being “borne from the savvy of Thompson Hotels and the playful approachability of Joie de Vivre, defining utilitarian chic.”

“Tommie is about stripping away the non-essentials to create a functional efficiency. Everything is beautiful, but also has a purpose,” Thompson Hotel founder and Commune Hotels & Resorts co-chair, Jason Pomeranc said.

Telling by its shortened, fun name, the brand is going after the “hottest” demographic right now, the Millennials. “We think the time is right for the youthful traveler to have something developed specifically for their needs,” Niki Leondakis, CEO of Commune Hotels & Resorts said.

You won’t find your traditional run-of-the-mill hotel meeting space. Instead, Tommie Hotels will feature “crash pads,” meeting spaces that serve as incubators for productive minds, and casual communal dining experiences. The public lounges, called Reading Rooms, will promote gathering and socializing with games and curated programming.

Most importantly, Tommie Hotels will be heavily technology based, including free WiFi—an amenity Thompson Hotels do not have. “We do think it’s important because youthfully minded travelers grew up with technology,” Leondakis said. “So there is a certain expectation that whatever they have at home or the office, it needs to be better quality in their hotels. This will be a very tech-savvy experience, but we don’t want to compromise the customer interaction.”

It may run on a “help yourself” attitude with its self check-in via tablet, eclectic retail and grab-and-go gourmet marketplace, but its selective service philosophy is still personable and accessible—keeping in line with the Thompson and JDV brands.

Two Tommie locations in New York are already in development—the 250-room Tommie on East 31st Street in Manhattan and the 329-room Tommie in West Soho. Both locations are expected to open in early 2015.

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