A New Boutique Hotel Opens in Cincinnati!

When you think boutique hotel, Ohio isn’t the first location to come to mind. And as Ohio-natives, of course, this news excited the McConnell Marketing team.

21c Museum Hotel opened to the public this week in downtown Cincinnati. The hotel is a result of a three-year renovation of the 100-year-old former Metropole Hotel in the city centre (across from the Aronoff Center for the Arts and around the corner from the Contemporary Arts Center).

“The location is perfect, it could not be any better,” Steve Wilson, co-founder and CEO, said.

Like all 21c Museum Hotels, the boutique hotel also doubles as a contemporary art museum. Wilson refers to his 21c properties as “the only museums in the country that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are free to visit.”

According to the Business Courier, “The hotel is also home to the Metropole restaurant, led by executive chef Michael Paley, it has 8,000 square feet of exhibition meeting and event space, the 21c Spa will open soon and the rooftop bar will open in spring 2013.”

Wilson and his wife, Laura Lee Brown, opened their first 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky in 2005. The Cincinnati property is their second location, with a third scheduled to open in Bentonville, Arkansas and a fourth to open also in Louisville.


One thought on “A New Boutique Hotel Opens in Cincinnati!”

  1. I believe the 21c mueseum hotel is perfect for downtown Cincinnati. The hotel being built in a hundred year old historic building, just adds to the appeal of the boutique hotel.

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