Can’t Decide What to Eat? New York Restaurant Puts Menu Items on Instagram

Nowadays, it’s pretty common to see people, especially social media users, at a restaurant whip out their smartphone, take a picture of their meal, upload it to Instagram and finally dig in.

Well now, fans of the Instagram app will surely appreciate the opportunity to put their “food porn” photos to use.

By using the hashtag, #comodomenu, New York City’s Comodo restaurant has gathered an assortment of mouth-watering photos taken by customers to launch an Instagram menu. says that the menu, made up of roughly 55 photos submitted by customers, consist of dishes like seared duck breast, poblano pepper pasta and Comodo’s swordfish ceviche.

“The restaurant has decided to embrace all the Instagram users who snap pictures of their food after it’s delivered to the table,” reporter reporter Amanda Kooser wrote. “Seeing the photos may help sway your dining decision one way or another.”

Dishes on restaurant menus across the world posses the creativity and elegance that deserve to be seen, and not just read, and the Comodo Instagram menu does just that!


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