Meet Our Fall Intern: Steve Stack

My name’s Steve, and I’ve recently joined the McConnell Marketing team as the company’s fall intern. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio. While at Walsh, I had the opportunity to develop close relationships with professors from the Deville School of Business and they had an impact on me to pursue a career in sales and marketing. Having a competitive edge was always important to me, whether on the athletic field or in the classroom, and I feel that mindset can directly relate to achieving success in the business world.

During my time with McConnell Marketing, I’ve witnessed the pride that everyone takes in the quality of work they complete and have gained a better understanding on the importance of doing quality work in a timely manner—which I feel is imperative for any young professional.

Although my time with McConnell Marketing so far has been brief, the professional experience that I’ve obtained in such a short time encourages me that my time spent here will prove to be most beneficial as I attempt to further myself in the marketing field.


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