Ikea Hotels to Open in Europe

Ikea is a company known for its affordable put-it-together-yourself furniture. Now, the Swedish home furnishing company is getting into the hotel business!

Ikea announced this week that they plan to open 100 hotels across Europe for the cost-conscious traveler—the first hotel is expected to open in Germany. According to the Daily Mail, the hotel chain will offer “a boutique feel at affordable prices.” The hotels will not have the Ikea or Inter Ikea (the company that owns Ikea) name, but instead collaborate with an established hotelier.

This isn’t Ikea’s first venture in the hospitality market. In 2007, Ikea Norway offered their customers overnight accommodations to those who wanted to extend their shopping hours. Also, this year, Ikea set up a temporary lounge in the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport (Paris) where travelers could rest in between flights.

And we all know your main concern with Ikea’s new hotel project. Luckily, the Huffington Post had the answer: “No word on whether the Swedish meatballs will be available in the hotel restaurant.”


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