Marriott Vacation Club Partners with Clean the World

This week Marriott Vacation Club, a global leader in vacation ownership and brand of Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation (NYSE: VAC), announced their partnership with Clean the World Foundation, Inc.

Clean the World’s mission is to put soap in the hands of people who need it most—improving hygiene and sanitation conditions, reducing impact of disease and promoting better hygiene and living conditions worldwide. In doing so, the group recycles partially used bars of soap and bottled amenities from resorts in the United States and distributes new soap to communities around the globe.

“This is a great program that helps so many and we’re excited to be involved. To be able to repurpose an item that previously had been discarded to make such a difference to those in need is very rewarding,” said Lee Cunningham, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer –North America and the Caribbean, Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation.

According to Clean the World’s press release, “31 of 43 Marriott Vacation Club resorts in the U.S. have currently contributed over 9,800 lbs. of soap and 6,100 lbs. of bottled amenities…As a result, more than 52,500 clean bars of soap and hygiene kits have been distributed to 55 countries, diverting 8 tons of waste from landfills across the country.”

Clean the World CEO and co-founder, Shawn Seipler, said of their first timeshare partner, “Marriott Vacation Club is a prime example of the true commitment we witness among our partners with regards to sustainability and social responsibility. The Owners and guests…can feel good knowing that their partially used amenities, which previously would have been discarded into landfills, are now being recycled and given to children and families in desperate need of hygiene products…”

In just three years, Clean the World has recycled and distributed over 10 million bars of soap to families worldwide, while diverting over 1.4 million pounds of landfill waste.


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