InterContinental Times Square Rooftops are Buzzing…Literally!

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps, and the people and places are always bustling. But things are literally buzzing at the InterContinental New York Times Square with the installation of its first rooftop beehive.

The hive, located on one of the two green rooftops, is expected to produce 20-30 pounds of honey within the next year. The first harvest is set for July 2012—making a very sweet addition to the hotel’s dishes, cocktails, bottled gifts and amenities!

This is the third apiary for the InterContinental hotel chain, with one at the InterContinental New York Barclay and the other at the InterContinental Boston. Traveling apiculturist Zainal Khan will commute between New York and Boston to oversee the beehives while training Chef Andrew Rubin in its day-to-day maintenance. InterContinental New York Times Square plans to introduce an additional four hives to the roof by Summer 2013.

The green rooftops, located on the 2nd and 7th floors, also have a fully functioning herb garden that serves as a local source to the hotel’s restaurant, Ca Va Brasserie.

Locally sourced materials are just a few of the many green initiatives by the hotel chain, which is currently pending LEED-certification. Other features that keep InterContinental New York Times Square committed to the environment include: energy efficient lighting, motion detectors and an energy management system; using green cleaning products and changing sheets/linens less frequently; building on an urban, rather than greenfield site; and various recycling programs throughout the property.

For more images of InterContinental New York Times Square’s first rooftop beehive, check out the slideshow on Condé Nast Traveler.

One thought on “InterContinental Times Square Rooftops are Buzzing…Literally!”

  1. There is a new type of fashionable, attractive beehive in the UK which is suitable for suburban, rooftop beekeeping. I have written a bit about it – Beehaus Review. It makes beekeeping fun and accessible. Perhaps you could take guests for beehive inspections?

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