Artwork, Amenities and Beyond – JW Marriott Announces New Partnerships

When you stay at a hotel, have questions like, “How did they choose this artwork for the room wall?” or “How did they choose this particular soap scent for the bathroom?” ever cross your mind?

At the Marriott International Global General’s Manager conference in Los Angeles, the JW Marriott brand took attendants though a tour of their partnerships and offered insight into why and how specific partners are paired with hotels.

In 2011, the JW Marriott Brand created partnerships with leading luxury brands to bring a bit more “lifestyle” into the guest experience. Using everyday concepts that guests use at home (i.e. scented soaps, yoga mats, magazines and magnets on refrigerators with funny sayings, etc), the partnerships were launched in the nutrition, culinary, art, culture and wellness areas to “enrich the luxury experiences” that are relevant in guests’ lives.

Here is what’s coming to JW Hotels:

  • Aromatherapy Associates: Whether you realize it or not, every bathroom amenity has a unique scent. Why? To sooth the mood of the hectic traveler. This month, JW Marriott and Aromatherapy Associates will launch a new line of bath and shower accessories, with a signature brand scent, that will be in all rooms by year-end.
  • Christie’s: Very well known in the world’s art business, Christie’s has partnered with JW Marriott to offer hotel guests a glimpse into the worlds of art, auction and beyond. Through the “What Not To Miss Guides,” Marriott guests (in cities worldwide) will receive information on Christie’s favorite museums, galleries, restaurants, nightlife and shopping.
  • Treasury Wine Estates – Etude Wineries: Fine dining and wine experiences has become a big luxury travel trend over the past few years. Partnered with boutique Etude Wines, JW Marriott will include everything from hosting wine makers for exclusive dinners, to on-property wine programs like food pairings and tastings.
  • Keri Glassman: A nationally recognized nutritionist, published author and founder of the O2 Diet, Glassman will serve as a member of JW Marriott’s panel of experts and provide guests tips on keeping up with a healthy lifestyle while traveling. Soon, guests will be treated to new room service menus, wellness retreats and turndown cards suggesting helpful mantras for a healthier life.

For more information on the JW Marriott Brand’s new partnerships, check out!

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