Hyatt’s In-Room TV Offers More than Movies and TV Shows

Local stations, on-demand movies and the ability to check out with the click of your remote control—these are the features of an average hotel room television. The Hyatt Hotels Corporation decided to kick things up a few notches by transforming the standard in-room television into a fully connected, interactive entertainment center and virtual concierge.

The systems have already been installed in nearly 1,800 guestrooms. Over the next two years, the high-tech televisions will be installed in up to 60,000 rooms across Hyatt’s full-service properties across the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.

Once the television upgrade is completed, guests will have access to a number of new features: being welcomed with a personalized greeting and mood-setting music; the ability to browse the internet; manage and print documents; make hotel room service orders and housekeeping requests; access local directions; and make dinner reservations. Business meeting and group planners will also be able to use the televisions to send customized messages and information updates directly to the rooms of guests attending their function.

Roomlinx Inc., a leading provider of premium hotel and resort in-room media and entertainment, is providing the technology enhancements. This makes Hyatt the first major hospitality brand to integrate Roomlinx’s services across a vast number of properties.

“This is the future hotel experience at Hyatt,” Pete Sears, senior vice president of North America operations for Hyatt Hotels and Resorts stated.

Check out more on Hyatt’s in-room television transformation! And check out the list of additional technologies Hyatt has also recently launched to help enhance guest experience!

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