Travel Adventures – Los Angeles

Welcome to the good life! Upon my arrival at LAX, my excitement and anxiety about the next few days continued to grow. As I picked up my car, a sleek and sexy black convertible, my nerves about driving in LA reached an all-time high. But with the warm sun shinning on my face, I put the top down, plugged in my gps and found my way to Custom Hotel.

After a busy day of meetings and traveling, I headed to the hotel restaurant, Deck 33. It’s a second story outdoor bar and grill filled with fireplaces and overlooks the pool area. Not being able to sit outside at home on a January night, made the experience quite refreshing.

As promised by most of the hotel staff, traffic was a nightmare during morning rush hour. After two hours, I finally made it to my first meeting which was only 20-25 miles from my hotel. With my meetings in Beverly Hills done for the day, I had to make a stop on the famous Rodeo Drive. Wow! Such a thrilling experience, and better yet I even made a purchase! Exhaustion had set in, and I was ready for a bed! Upon check-in at Hotel Angeleno (my second hotel in LA) I found the perfect surprise: milk and cookies!

With another full day of meetings, a good breakfast was a must. West, the hotel restaurant, allowed for some of the best views of Beverly Hills. With a few hours open mid day, I headed up Mulholland Drive to get a view of the infamous Hollywood sign. What a site! Something that only seemed to be in the movies was an actual thing. Not only does the Mulholland look-out provide a great view of the sign, but also the city below. Talk about a breathtaking experience. Due to GPS failure, I wound up on Hollywood Boulevard, a place I hoped to see. Although loaded with people, I was able to catch a few glimpses of Kodak Theater, and even duck into a small shop for some souvenirs.

For my last night in LA, I stayed at Hotel Erwin, located in the heart of Venice Beach. Lucky for me, I had a room with a view! Having never been to the Pacific Ocean this was quite a treat. The beach was beautiful and I even got to put my feet in the (freezing cold) water. As I returned my car and headed to the airport, I felt my heart tug a bit with hopes of returning very soon!


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