McConnell In The Community – Cincinnati Chili

Cincinnati Chili

For my day of service this past January, I participated in the annual Sue Hernan Memorial Chili Cook-Off at Boardman United Methodist Church. This event has been a ten-year tradition and serves as a fundraiser for the church’s mission trips. With the funds, missionaries will visit Kensington, OH to assist with a farmhouse building project, and in the spring, travel to Joplin, MO, to help those still suffering from the wreckage of last year’s tornado.

Unfortunately, I was out of town, so I couldn’t physically attend the event. I did, however, submit my version of Cincinnati Chili. For those who aren’t from Ohio, or haven’t ventured to Cincinnati, I knew my chili without beans, with chocolate and served over spaghetti, would have a unique twist and would be a definite standout at the Chili Cook-Off.

From what I’ve heard, my chili was a success. Even though I didn’t win, my use of spaghetti was also able to promote the upcoming spaghetti dinner event at Boardman United Methodist Preschool, where my twins attend…and help raise funds for a worthy cause. A win-win.

The event raised $1,100 for future mission trips.

Best served over spaghetti, with diced onions and shredded cheddar. Enjoy.



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