2012 Summer Olympics: Thousands of Hotel Rooms Made Available

Thinking about hopping the pond to witness the long-awaited 2012 Summer Olympics, but struggling to find a place to stay? Well, Olympics fans, you are in luck. Thousands of London hotel rooms have been put back on sale to the public. The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) booked about 600,000 room nights for the Games, but now more than 120,000 (roughly 8,000 rooms) are no longer needed—about 20% of the hotel room nights initially reserved.

The rooms were booked under a deal in 2005 at more than 200 hotels, ranging from budget to five-star accommodations. As part of the proposition for London to host the 2012 Summer Games, LOCOG agreed to provide more than 40,000 rooms for world media, International Sports Federations, the International Olympic Committee, sponsors and those working at the Games over the two-week period. LOCOG also agreed to return any of the unwanted rooms so that the hotels were able to sell them in time for summer 2012.

Tourism officials say that the hotel availability is a “timely boost,” and is great news for those wishing to visit London and experience the Olympic Games. Officials also believe that this will enhance the UK’s image as a destination vacation and help create a tourism legacy for the future.


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