Fast Food, Room Service or Both?

Your business meeting is in an hour. You still have to make yourself look presentable, have the hotel hail you a cab and grab a quick bite to eat. Well, there’s no need to make that extra stop at the fast-food joint next door anymore—hotels like The Four Seasons and Public Chicago are catering their new fast-food room service to the fast-pace travelers and those who love instant gratification and convenience.

When you’re on the go, you don’t have time to enjoy the beautiful flower garnishing your plate. Some hotels offer the food bagged and ready for the travelers racing to their destination. The service is so fast, guests might not even see the delivery man or woman! In a short 15 to 20 minutes, the special delivery is dropped off outside their door.

But just because the room service is designed like a pizza delivery or drive-through, the food is far from pizza and cheeseburgers. Who says travelers can’t enjoy a tequila-lime chicken wrap or a beef brisket and crispy onion panini on the go?

Menus vary depending on location. Click here to check out meal options from the Four Season’s Fast and Fresh 15-Minute Room Service.

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