Joie De Vivre pushes east (again)


A few  weeks ago we posted a story about Joie De Vivre Hotels taking their first step outside of California with the opening of the Drinkwater in Arizona.

Well, JDV has continued down that expansionary path and will soon open their second, out of California, property.

The Hotel Lincoln in Chicago, a 12 story building with 184 rooms, is projected to open in February of 2012. As reported by Hotel, the hotel has a great location and impressive features to get excited about.

“Rooftop bar, killer lake views and a hot restaurant downstairs and in-room? What’s not to love about this hotel announcement?”

The “Hot restaurant” Hotel Chatter refers to is the Perennial Virant, and in regards to the lake views, JDV says that 60 percent of the rooms will have views of Lake Michigan.

Besides the great features of the hotel itself , the Hotel Lincoln has some major implications for JDV as a company. Expanding outside of Califronia to a nearby western state was one thing, but moving to the heart of the Midwest is a pretty significant move for a hotel chain based in California.

Is JDV going to spread nationally?  Or is Hotel Lincoln just a fluke ? With only two hotels outside of California it’s hard to tell what JDV’s intentions are, but fans of the premium hotels can still cross their fingers and hope they’ll see a JDV hotel coming to a city nearby.

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