Deck 33 Gets glowing review




Deck 33 was recently featured on ,listed under the Food Section of the Los Angeles centric website.The restaurant, located in Custom Hotel in Los Angeles, was praised for specifically remedying the poor variety of  dining choices near LAX.

“From LAX, you can get… anywhere in the world.

But on the way… you aren’t exactly overwhelmed with options for exotic poolside feasts.”

Sleek and modern architecture and furniture are matched with brief injections of bamboo in this unique restaurant. So if you’re simply near LAX or as the article  suggests “ you’ve got a few hours to kill before your flight overseas”, check out Deck 33 for some culinary satisfaction

Congratulations to our friends over at Deck 33 and Custom hotel for making such a great impression on


Hospitality Wins at Women’s World Cup


Though the Women’s World Cup 2011 is still a sore subject for most of us here in the U.S. Some positive Hospitality news has just come out of Germany.

World Football Insider reported this week that commercial hospitality packages reached new sales records for the 2011 Women’s World cup. 28,000 commercial packages were sold, making the 2011 Tournament the most successful hospitality campaign in women’s soccer history.

MATCH Hospitality, “worldwide exclusive rights holder of the FIFA hospitality program”, had a specific marketing strategy that probably played a key role in the record numbers.  MATCH used an approach that “ focused on a more feminine look and feel”, they also specifically tried to identify new markets to sell to and began sales way back in 2009. It’s also interesting to note that 50% of packages were purchased by women.

So clearly there are lessons to be learned from MATCH about how best to capitalize from sporting events in order to maximize hospitality bookings. What exactly made their approach so effective? Was it the precise targeting to women, the early sales, or their identification of new markets? It’s difficult to say but companies in the future should learn from MATCH’s example and follow a similar strategy when marketing hospitality around an event.

For more details and the entire article head over to World Football Insider

$2 for Seattle

Most American’s are painfully aware of our country’s current economic hardships. In a time where the economy dominates news headlines, Individuals and entire industries are constantly pressured to find ways to remain financially stable.

Being forced to adapt might not be as bad as it sounds though. Necessity is the mother of invention and many businesses are coping with their financial troubles by becoming increasingly efficient and using creative solutions to deal with their problems.

What Seattle’s hospitality industry did after the state’s entire tourism budget was cut is a perfect example. Left without support for tourism advertisement and marketing, Seattle hotels proposed a two-dollar fee for stays in major properties that would go directly toward the now non-state funded sector.

2 dollars may not seem like much and hotel guest will most likely barely notice the fee, yet the amount of money generated could have a major effect in keeping Seattle’s tourism and hospitality industries afloat during these difficult times.

“It’s $2. It’s not a huge amount of money, and most people will kind of shrug their shoulders and go on with it,” said Tom Waithe, owner of a Seattle hotel.

If passed by the city council, The small fees could add up to a lot of money, the minimal amount each individual guest will pay is projected to add up to 5 to 6 million dollars, which will be vital to maintaining the city of Seattle’s tourism sector.

“Tourism is not a frill. Tourism is not a distraction. Tourism is big business,” said King County Executive Dow Constantine.

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Joie de Vivre Pushes East

In a landmark move for the California based hotel chain, Joie De Vivre has opened their first property outside of the Golden State. The hotel, named The Drinkwater, is located in Scottsdale Arizona.

The Drinkwater Hotel is named after Drinkwater Boulevard where it is located, which pays homage to former Scottsdale Mayor Herb Drinkwater. Mayor Drinkwater had such a profound impact on transforming Scottsdale into the affluent town it is today, that he was known locally as Mr. Scottsdale.

JDV executive chairman Chip Conley had some positive things to say about their out-of state move. “This is a milestone step for Joie de Vivre, and Scottsdale is a great place for our first venture outside of California.”

The city of 200,000 has a great atmosphere and is ideal for the JDV boutique hotel experience. The New York times has even referred to downtown Scottsdale as  “a desert version of Miami’s South Beach” having “plenty of late night partying and a buzzing hotel scene”.

Congratulations to our friends at Joie de Vivre for their expansion with the Drinkwater! For the full story on JDV’s latest hotel head over to Hospitality World Network