Hotel Management = Fun Facebook Game?

“Creative.” That was the first thing that came to mind when I heard about Marriott’s latest recruitment tool. The second thing was, “I want to play!”

Marriott International has taken full advantage of the world’s largest social networking platform by releasing a Facebook game that enables players to step into the shoes of a Marriott hotel manager. The game called “My Marriot Hotel,” is designed to help get more people interested in the profession. Besides being simple entertainment, the game has realistic elements. It forces the player to deal with the challenges a hotel manager would have to face in real life—some of which include managing reservations, keeping track of inventory, and keeping the hotel’s finances in check.

Surprisingly enough, this game appeals to me. I don’t know if my generation is simply conditioned to want to play the latest web based games, or if there is some deeper mystique involved with the idea of trying to run a hotel. Regardless of my personal interest in“ My Marriott Hotel,” Marriott has undoubtedly come up with an interesting way to recruit more employees.  Only time will tell if all those players will translate into manager prospects. For more information, head over to the Wall Street Journal.

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One thought on “Hotel Management = Fun Facebook Game?”

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