Service vs. Stuff

A warm smile and being called by name, or fancy soap in the bathroom… As a hotel patron, which would impress you more? Which could you do without?

As with many industries, the recession has forced hospitality venues to make some changes. When faced with cutting costs and saving money, hotel chains have been faced with the decision of where to make cutbacks. What amenities and extravagances do guests really care about and which can be cut to save costs?

The conclusion of many hotel chains (including Starwood, Marriott International and Hyatt) is that service is more important to guests than material extras. This attitude favoring treatment over “things” makes a lot of sense. Guests come to luxury hotels for the experience, not the items associated with them. They come to be treated well and shown the utmost hospitality.

Though it has been a trying time, the recession may have actually had a positive influence on the hospitality industry. By forcing hotels to tighten their belts and figure out what is most important to guests, venues have made lasting changes that will apply in the post-recession economy.   For more information on why hotels are choosing service over stuff, head to Reuters

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