Who is the best?

“The best hotel in the world”, A concept that normally exists only in the thoughts and dreams of hotel owners has stepped into reality this week thanks to the U.K.’s foremost online booking website. Based on detailed analysis, Expedia.com.uk has compiled a list of the top hotels in the world for 2011.

So what defines “best in the world?” Expedia used three different criteria to measure which hotels made the cut. customer reviews, market manager input (Expedia employees who work with the various hotels), and value rating (a comparison involving the hotels’ daily rates). All three of these parts were used to formulate the list of the best hotels in the world.

Out of the 135,000 hotels Expedia customers have frequented, making the top 10 list is an outstanding feat. Hotels located in the western United States fared well taking 3 of the top 10 spots on the list, including the #1 spot.

Italian hotels overall probably had the best ranking with iQ Hotel Roma, Hotel Antiche Figure , and Hotel Berchielli coming in 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.

OK, so we know it’s located in the western United States but which hotel got the mythical title of “best in the world?” Drumroll please… the winner is Cedarbrook Lodge in Seattle Washington. Congratulations to Cedarbrook and everyone else who made Expedia’s best hotels in the world list! To see the full list, go to PRNewsweek.

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