Hotels Maintaining Their Five Diamond Status

Hotels are constantly being rated by a variety of different organizations and travel websites. The highest recognition for being the best of the best is the AAA Five Diamond Award. This year, 15 new hotels were added to the prestigious list that now includes 124 hotels throughout the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, and Mexico.

Every year AAA inspectors personally visit and evaluate over 60,000 hotels and restaurants and rate them on a variety of categories including cleanliness, comfort, and security for hotels and cleanliness, food preparation, and service for restaurants.  The rating scale ranges from 1 Diamond up to 5 Diamonds.

The majority of the hotels on the 2011 Five Diamond list have held a position on the list for at least 2 years with the longest running streak being 35 years (3 separate hotels have this streak).  With that in mind, we want take a moment to recognize out clients who have retained this honor once again.

Our clients that have maintained Five Diamond status for multiple years now include the Mandarin Oriental Boston since 2009, the Mandarin Oriental New York since 2005, the Ritz-Carlton Washington D.C. since 2001, the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown since 2004, and the Ritz-Carlton Central Park since 2002.

Congratulations on your continued level of excellence in the hotel industry!

To read more about the new members on the list and also to see the full list visit USA Today Travel

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