InterContinental Hotel Group is Moving Mobile

Are you attached to your mobile device? Well now your inability to separate from your smart phone will begin to reward you when you stay at one of the InterContinental Hotel Group’s many properties nationwide. IHG is making moves to stay on the forefront of the mobile and social media trends. The latest trend in social media is “Checking-in” at a location through Facebook or Twitter.

Recently the hotel group partnered with PlacePunch to deliver messages to guests through Twitter when they check-in at IHG properties such as InterContinental, Holiday Inn, and Crowne Plaza. Also they are working to create check-in loyalty programs that will only further enhance your incentive to check-in upon arrival to a property.

Currently upon checking in, guests will receive a welcome message via Twitter. Once guests have used the mobile check-in service the hotel will be able to send them timely message about events in the area or other useful messages. IHG has been on the cutting edge of the mobile marketing since 2001 with other ventures ranging from mobile websites to Apps for the IPad.

To read more about IHG’s mobile ventures visit Mobile Commerce Daily.

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